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MobilityLeaks: TSS No Joke, Jerks (Tampon App)

Kristofer: A tampon app now?!?! yeah… whatever.. – Tampon Minder

David K: DO NOT READ THAT PR…it made me puke and reswallow. You’ve all been warned

Doug Simmons: Toxic shock syndrome is no effing joke, insensitive assholes.

Doug Smith: Lmao!

David K: Now I know who doesn’t take my advice… and I don’t know how long a manufacturer advises to keep one of those bad boys in but keep that shit clean. I mean, it should be a conversation.

Murani: I’m not touching this one. I will take David’s advice.

Doug Simmons: Would you grow up Murani? Perhaps I should offer this one to the readers, maybe they can have an intelligent discussion of this important topic. Yes it’s a women’s issue, but it also hits home with mature men like me and not a myopic chauvinist like Murani. TSS is a war, but the good people behind the Tampon Minder app just won us all a few battles with their iPhone and Android release. We just need to keep some pressure on them to port it to Windows Phone. Yeah, I’m posting this.

Doug Smith: Oh God!