Let’s do this one together starting from the official Windows Phone Blog:

It’s big. It’s in NYC. It’s a secret (for now).

If you live in or around New York City, you might want to find an excuse to wander past Herald Square sometime during the day next Monday—noon would be an especially good time—for a fun surprise we’re putting together. All I can say is we’re bringing Windows Phone to life in a big, big, way. Curious? Stay tuned….

Now let’s throw a little of this at it:

I’m speculating that the HTC Titan does include Beats audio and it’s being announced Monday. That’s also when they’ll kick off the Samsung phones so on Monday we’ll see an AT&T official kickoff for three AT&T Windows Phones with the Titan getting a big push in Herald Square.

We all in agreement?


  1. Well this is just a mix-up  the HTC tweet mentioning Beats and the image was related to today’s HTC event in NYC whereby they announced the Rezound with Beats Audio.

    Unfortunately the event on Monday is unrelated to the HTC tweet and it seems like the Titan or HTC windows phones won’t be getting the Beats love anytime soon (unless they launch another device)

    The Titan was announced pre-Beats deal and the SensationXL (same device but running Android) gets the Beats love as its running Android and announced when the Beats deal was announced.

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