When viewing videos it turns out that more people use Xbox than any other device, whether it’s iPad, iPhone or Android. The metrics come rom Freewheel who measures ads served on professional content like streaming NBC, CBS, ESPN, etc but not YouTube or Netflix. So it’s a relevant but possibly not all-inclusive amount of data yet once again it shows how people are using the Xbox and why Microsoft is getting so aggressive on selling it. Next step is to increase ads and monetizing this content and it seems like that’s a work in progress but moving in the right direction.

via The Next Web


  1. So…. A bit misleading then? Remove the two most popular video services on the planet and the Xbox is magically more relevant? No.

  2. They’re excluded because there’s no metric for them since this company is only serving ads for the premium content.
    It doesn’t make it irrelevant that for premium content Xbox is serving up more video considering that an iPad is a mobile device and you’d expect the ease of access to favor it.

  3. Adding to the stats right now as I watch a Crackle movie, and they sneak in an ad every now and then. Damn advertising. But then again, it is free (not).

    Really though. If given a choice, wouldn’t you want to watch premium content on a big screen.

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