This is the type of exposure and publicity that money can’t buy and its worth its weight in gold. The more public figures enjoy their experience and the hardware the more buzz will get out. I particularly like the fact that they brought up how people right now don’t even think about a Windows Phone but AT&T, Nokia & Microsoft are gearing up to change that.

Love how they also focused on how it relates to the iPhone and pretty much left Android out of the conversation.

Tech Lab: The Ultimate Phone? :




  1. Kind of kooky but hey it’s gets the point across and the tech guy was non-biased and he had some great points.

    Not sure what time of the day that was on but I would think older/non-techy people were watching and hopefully they will at least consider WP7. They made a very good point about how it’s a great phone/OS but no one knows about it. For instance, in the past week, I had 2 relatives ask if they should get an iPhone or Android. They had no idea WP7 exists! I hope Nokia and MS can add some competition to make the mobile space even better!

  2. You’re right, nobody knows… but people know android because the stores are FLOODED with them. I don’t know if that’s a bad or a good thing to be honest with you.

    Even with it’s popularity you’d be hard pressed to get anyone to tell you three different Android phones.

  3. Sean, just start speaking words used in condom brands. You’ll end up uttering the names of several Android models.

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