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Nokia’s Lumia 900 to come in white

nokia-lumia-900-whiteEven though we know that AT&T will have an exclusive with the Nokia Lumia 900 when it launches very soon, there is no conclusion it will have the same relationship with the Death Star like the iPhone did for so long. As a matter of fact, it is being said that the Lumia 900 will only be stabled at AT&T for 45 days and might launch on some other US carriers with a possible upgraded camera. I enjoy taking pictures and the thought of a 12 megapixel shooter in T-Mobile or other gives me pause to consider if the 8 megapixel camera that will be heading to AT&T.

However, yet another twist for carriers is the version that leaked on Facebook yesterday cloaked in white garb.  Even though I am not a huge fan of devices outfitted in anything but black swag, the white Lumia 900 does look pretty cool. So with Mobile World Congress coming up at the end of the month and where we all suspect the Nokia 900 will get it’s launch date announced, more information will surely be reveled and create a buzz in the Windows Phone world.

[via: pocketnow]

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