Microsoft employees can now place their orders for an HTC Trophy running Windows Phone 7. But yes, they still need to wait for its release like you do which they noted is ‘early 2011’.  It’s boasts a 3.8” screen and 16gb of storage and is noted as a quad band global phone so you can use this overseas on GSM bands as well. We’re still at least two months off from a release but anyone out there excited to at least have some certainty here?


via Engadget


  1. So maybe Windows Phone is going to beat out iPhone in the Verizon chariot race. Wow, potentially two major launches in the same quarter. Shoud keep them hopping and make lots of Verizon customers very happy. This a good thing. Time to spread the goodless.

  2. CDMA sucks. So do most of Verizon’s phones. Historically and currently. If Android hadn’t appeared on the scene they would probably still be navigating the red menu system from hell on every single phone.

  3. Whaaaa–? I thought they were supposedly so sore over Kin that it wasn’t coming? Yeah, that’s what I thought. A whole lotta meaningless petty thinking by the masses. Big Red wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity like WP7, no way no how.

    Time to look up some info on the Trophy now. Looks/sounds generic but we’ll see …

  4. @cjc: Agreed. But they sure do have a lot of customers. And from you depiction it sounds like Window Phone will arrive just in time to give those desperate souls some Smartphone goodness.

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