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AT&T drops price of the HTC Titan to $0.01 w/contract

So you’re thumbing your nose at big news that will break tomorrow from the folks based out of Cupertino Ca. called Apple and their iPad 3 or HD or whatever. You’re a Windows Phone Fan Damnit! you want some love too right? Well how about a cheap date with an HTC Titan for 1 penny and a 2 year contract? That’s as cheap a love as you are going to find. Clearly making space on the shelves for the Nokia Lumia 900 (WOOT!) and the 16mp camera shooting follow up to the Titan, the Titan 2, AT&T would see some HTC Titan find some happy homes and fast like.

When I learned about the specs on the Nokia Lumia 900 I sold my Titan and have been holding the money for March 18th. But the Titan 2 is still a worthy device for all you WP fans out there which leads me to the question of the day. What are you going to throw your money at?

1) The HTC Titan II with that big screen and 16mp camera goodness

2) The Nokia Lumia 900 with a very pleasant 4.3 inch screen and Carl Zeiss shooter

3) Or just wait till’ the end of the year and get your hands on a Windows Phone 8 device

Drop a comment and let us know what your hard earned dollars will be spent on. For me, it’s the Nokia. I’ll regroup later and decide what I want to do when the WP8 devices roll out.

Head on over to AT&T’s Titan Page HERE.

[via Gotta Be Mobile]

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