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Windows Phone Hacking Scoreboard

lovelyImpressive, isn’t it, what comes out of XDA. Also impressive is how Microsoft has managed to at least retard the inevitable with Windows Phone OS, the new official name I believe.

We’re about half a year in so let’s check the scoreboard because this is a war of genius and tenacity between The Man and the fellas and to me at least it’s intriguing to watch (at least until True Blood’s back on).

I made a diligent effort to assemble this table but it’s a work in progress in that it’s about works in progress. I doubt I thought of everything to throw onto this so please help me amend it regardless of whether each item has been successfully or partially hacked or not at all so that we can turn this thread into a resource for WP7 owners looking for more elbow room and WP7 hackers looking to contribute.

Hack Status Asterisk?
Jailbreaking (sideloading homebrew, theming, ringtones, unofficial updating) Yes* Only known tool ChevronWP7 may not work after Mango. In talks with Microsoft but under an NDA
OEM unlock, flashing Yes* Just OEM ROMs/radios (IE no customs yet), only on the HD7, Omnia 7, Surround, Trophy, Quantum, Optimus 7, HTC 7
Porting WP7 out Yes  
Porting other OS in Yes  
Tethering Yes  
Wifi hotspot No  
General system manipulation Yes, yes  
Overclocking, kernel modding No  
Signed app decomp/cracking Yes* As with other platforms developers may mitigate vulnerability with code obfuscation
Carrier/SIM unlock No* Ask your carrier for a code tenderly


Gotta say, having written my share of rants about how you people are shackled in your sandbox by a captor you only admire and defend because you have a psychological disorder, from what I learned today by actually looking around for intact shackles and coming up practically dry it seems I do not in fact always know what I’m talking about. Mind blown. That said, wouldn’t you agree that I still deserve some compliments for admitting that?

Doug Simmons