JP Wollersheim, Group Product Manager for Windows Phone did a backstage interview the other day about the photo experience in WP7. Here are a few highlights of new information that came out of it.

  • VGA is the minimum but OEM can decide to go to HD.
  • Playback can handle HD video. They sync over Zune
  • If you send by email then it sends in full resolution. To share to Facebook or Windows Live/SkyDrive it resizes them to a screen resolution that is more likely
  • HDMI out is not part of the chassis and it appears to not be supported. Super crappy. They suggest moving the file to your PC and streaming from there
  • As we’ve mentioned there’s a proximity sensor that will prevent pocket pics
  • GPS tagging exists and you can click on the photo and it opens in maps
  • Once you take a photo the review is within the viewfinder – just slide left
  • When viewing the social photos that automatically are pulled the phone pulls your phones resolution to get it to you so you can see it right away and then grabs the higher res
  • Every 5 times you go into photos it updates the photo on your tile

I’m waiting for MS to change the HDMI story. Other than that it was pretty neat to watch it in action.


  1. Now let’s just hope manufacturers are smart enough not to put that proximity sensor in a location you’re likely to put your thumb or finger while trying to take a photo.

  2. Almost seems like the light sensor should be in play, not the proximity sensor, right? Maybe both as a fail safe? I mean anywhere the put it, it’s subject to getting pressed (iPhone 4 anntennae:)). So if it’s covered and the light sensor records no light then it’s in your pocket. THen the only time you can get misleading results is at night so at least there’s less concern. Otherwise the proximity sensor should be at the top, right next to the ear peice and right under your finger when holding the phone in a position to take a photo;)

  3. Seems like you could just as easily trigger the button a case as you can in a pocket, so the prox sensor should be somewhere towards the middle of the device either top or bottom.. That would cover side cases and top cases that often exposes the corners of devices for style/easy removal. Middle back, near the photo lens would work nicely as well.

  4. Why reinvent the wheel, a simple mechanical shutter would suffice. Open the shutter, take a picture, close the shutter camera can’t take a picture. The added benefit on maintaining a scratch free lens is also a good thing.

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