Have you been following along? Over the weekend a patent from Nokia matched a prior leak. Now there’s a new leak of a Nokia Windows 8 Phone.


Let’s overlay last week’s image with today’s image and see what we get:

Match. And remember there is a Nokia patent this ties to so it’s likely not some elaborate hoax…but I hope that color scheme is.


  1. You serious? I think Nokia’s colour scheme is excellent, a distinctive differentiating feature from the sea of mostly black and some white. How much cooler would it be if the 900 came in Red, or if the 800 came in purple? It would appeal to a bigger audience and result in bigger sales

  2. Exactly…. Such bright colors look sexy ;-) these guys at Nokia are great at creating awesome designs. Hope the hardware is amazing too..

  3. The current Lumia colors are awesome. I’m a huge fan of the Cyan especially. Not sure I feel the same way about neon;) If the concept is that the perimeter of the screen is a tube of glass and you can change the color that illuminates from the rim then I’ll take back everything bad I’ve said about it;)
    For now, I like cyan over the blue in the photo.

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