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Social Mints – Winner of Core77 International Design Awards, Now Available For WP7

Nice looking apps get awards. This is a social app that wins on aesthetics and function and it’s free. Here’s the description:

Winner of Core77 International Design Awards, Social Mints is a FREE powerful app that allows you to easily monitor the Web and Social Media for interesting and trending content in real-time. You can track & measure what people are saying about a topic that interests you, get the latest on a celebrity or event and keep tabs on your favorite sports teams.

– Monitor a developing news story

– See Twitter trends and sentiments

– keeping current on a competitor or industry

– know what people are saying about your company

Enjoy this mango enabled app by the developer of extremely popular apps

– Mood Swing, Dress Pal, Smart Goals Pro & RedMinder!

Features ——————————

– Simple and intuitive metro design

– Save or Pin a Mint to quickly access later

– Share quickly on facebook and twitter

– Live Tile and Fast App Switching enabled

You can check it out here for free.