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XBL Indie Title PLATFORMANCE Temple Death Available For WP7

The Platformance series has a following and now a second Platformance title is available for Windows phones. This is a popular platformer that has a relatively simple looing board that’s notoriously challenging in a good way. To give you a better sense of the game, here’s the Xbox trailer:

Here’s their description of the game:

While filming her latest movie, famous starlet Grace Belly gets abducted by a sect of evil savages.
You decide to go and rescue her down the ‘Temple Death’- a place filled with evil traps where only the fools can survive.
Just like its predecessor "PLATFORMANCE: Castle Pain" (already available on WP7),
"PLATFORMANCE: Temple Death" is a challenging platformer that takes place in a giant single level filled with deadly traps and puzzles.
– over 40 challenges to overcome
– zoom in on the action or zoom out to see the whole level
– 3 difficulty modes with their own traps configuration
– take screenshots to send to your friends or brag over the internet
– Local scoreboards
– Rewards
– Flopwards!
– chiptune music
– once at the end, experience the game backward

Free trial and just $.99 to buy and this seems like a great platformer worth giving a go. Their prior title still olds 4 stars strong and I expect this follow-up has improvements over the first release.