Once upon a time it use to be “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads, now its these new Surface tablet ads Microsoft have been running. Man oh man do they do a good job at making the iPad look less than effective. The message is getting across really well, check out the amount of dislikes the video has already.


  1. Good that consumers get to see an alternative. Cause you know associates at retail stores would never bother. Especially as the iPad costs more.

  2. Finally! They could have possibly made $900 million if they would have had ads like this on day 1!

  3. I still absolutely LOATHE using Windows 8, and most of the people that I work with or talk with about Windows 8 feel the same way. I know only a handful of people who actually enjoy it. Until they can figure out how to get people actually happy about using Windows 8, I don’t see these commercials making a bit of difference.

    And yeah, $900 million write-off…. Surface what?

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