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Galactic Reign Shows Future Of Asynchronous Multiplayer

If are using Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 or Windows RT and have not purchased Galactic Reign do it now. It is that good! Everything from strategy to cool graphics and developing an attachment to a particular race makes the gameplay stellar. Add in the amazing cinematic battle sequences that are all processed and rendered in the cloud and the situation just can’t get much better. The game will run you $4.99 once and play on both platforms.

Here is the thing, there is more that adds to the satisfaction. Play at your leisure and there are numerous customization options for your fleet of ships to make them your own. Free too. The game includes Battle Academy where gamers can train on how to attack and strategize different battle scenarios. It isn’t mandatory but it does help give clues and you will run into similar scenarios while dueling other players. There is a thriving and competitive forum of users who even compete for spots in bi-weekly tournaments against each other. Strategy guides and tips are shared for the community to get progressively better and they welcome everyone from newbies to fast aging vets. Check out the cinematic gameplay below. It is especially nice when I play on Windows 8 machine and hook to big screen.

Video Source: Galactic Reign Massive Battle