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Five Reasons Windows 8 Enthusiasm Exceeds Expectations


1: Analysts Are Egotistical, Self Centered Blow Hards

Have you read the flaming pile of poo David Gerwitz wrote? This guy creates a magical scenario for the “typical” consumer and basically pulls any and all asinine reasons why the Surface RT will be returned in a few days by the alleged bamboozled buyer.

Yes people aren’t quite as smart as we’d like people to believe but I do have enough faith in my fellow man to think they will go into a store to purchase a tablet and not immediately race to flood the tablet with “old-school” desktop applications. Sorry, but nobody is going to start up IE10 to look for another browser to install. They are just going to go on their merry way.

Secondly, the Surface RT is what its supposed to be. A consumption tablet that has the ability to natively read and edit documents with Microsoft Office included. I really have come around to the fact people think everyone who works for a living and is productive requires enterprise level applications to succeed. Certainly not the case for anybody I know in the city I live as its mostly factory workers and small business owners & entrepreneurs. I run my own business and Office that is included on the Surface RT, much like Windows Phone, serves as an extension of my productivity. The ability to access my documents, share and sync them across devices automatically is just what I need.

2: Windows 8 Comes In All Sizes And Shapes

All you have to do is take a brief look at the wide range of hardware Windows 8 is debuting on. Yes the Surface RT gets most of the headlines but the OEM partners ASUS, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, etc. have delivered in spades. Not only can people now get the touchy feely touchscreen on most new hardware they can have easy access to the more than 420,000 different peripherals and accessories currently in the market. Each week there are more Windows 8 keyboards and mice that are built with charm and gesture support in mind. By contrast if you rolling in an Apple-centric world you can get any color you want as long as its black, white or aluminum gray. Just imagine all Android devices running Jelly Bean. That’s pretty much the onslaught of devices the reimagined PC devices are bringing to the table.

3: The Reimagining Of The PC

Speaking of which, Microsoft was sure to promote that there is no such thing as Post-PC. In one week Microsoft has managed to turn the entire conversation on its head. Since PC actually stands for personal computer what could be more personal than having your computer fit you in whatever stage of life you’re in. We come in different shapes and sizes and are PCs now match us. When you see shiny toys you want to touch and play with them. Consumers will want to touch and play with Windows 8 devices. Sorry but it’s the truth. In fact, despite Tim Cook’s misguided attempt at slamming the Surface RT he displays the main reason why Apple will concede market share and profits and have seen their best days come and go.

4: Desktop Confusion Way Overblown

Every reviewer goes out of their way to mention how jarring and confusing going into desktop mode is for the user. Never once does any of them consider that the desktop mode is a bonus not the primary use of the device. Would you rather not have the ability to run Office and IE10 like on the iPad? Didn’t think so. Its highlighting a problem that does not exist. Its like complaining that your All-in-One PC is confusing because it’s a touch screen too.

5: Microsoft’s Massive Marketing Campaign Is Working

Say what you will but I can’t go a single hour without seeing a Surface or Windows 8 commercial. Fans of Windows Phone knows how truly important this is. Before this campaign the most prevalent tech commercials have been Apple who doesn’t let a day go by without marketing their products. Taking over Time Square billboards was just the latest in what seems to be the most epic marketing campaign in tech history. No, not everyone is getting each commercial but they sure are taking notice and paying attention to them. When you have debates on which is the best commercial for a product the marketing has done its job. Marketing is meant to create an emotional connection and the recent ads have done that.

Sure I can mention the inclusion of Xbox Music & Videos and how everything just seems to be coming together for the entire Microsoft ecosystem. The thing is these are just bonuses. I’ve learned over the years in business that consumers can be sold almost anything. We have the Home Shopping Network and QVC as monumental examples of proper marketing and expressive wording can move millions of products. Microsoft opened up its wallet, bet its future and has shown the world that Windows 8 will make a deep impact on our tech world.