Nokia and Carl Zeiss have been touting just how good the two have worked together to push camera phones into legitimate cameras. They’ve got a bunch of information about why the lenses and optics are better and how good the photos are and now there’s a YouTube video to go with it and the entire thing was shot with an N8. Damn impressive:

ok I need one of these so please get Mango out already and combine it with this hardware uhmk?

Thank for the tip Pacific!


  1. I’m with you on this. As a videographer and photographer I’ve been waiting to get my hands on a Nokia branded Mango phone. Beginning of the end for the competition.

  2. I remember when I first picked up my Mozart on release day the evening of 21st October 2010 when I ran into my brother, so I thought I’d convince him to upgrade from his 3yr old Nokia N95 to a windows phone by showing him how far phones have come in 3 years. I hadn’t tried it yet but hey, I pulled out my Mozart with it’s 8MP camera and xenon flash and I think to myself, it’s night time and there’s no way his old 5MP Nokia with an LED flash is going to compare to this. I take an Aussie 50 dollar note from my pocket and shoot it thinking to myself there’s no way he’s going to pickup the fingerprint like detail with his Nokia without a decent flash. Man was I wrong.

    First of all, my mozart focuses with the flash off. The Mozart has a 2 second delay between flashes and my image turns out blurry, over exposed and I’m meant to be satisfied with my 8 megapixels of shit photo.

    He has a laugh and I say all right smart arse, show me what you’ve got. His N95 focuses with the LED on. Mechanical shutter is instantaneous with the flash. The picture is sharp, crisp and the flesh tone of his fingers holding the note is way better than in mine. To rub it in, he zooms in on his fingers and shows me his finger prints in detail too.

    Long story short, thank you Nokia. Release your phone so that I may return to the glory of quality hardware, please. BTW, my brother ended up getting the Omnia 7 but misses the old camera severely.

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