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Déjà vu: Waiting On Windows Phones

Remember when you first heard about this new operating system that Microsoft was showing off called “Windows Phone Series 7” and it looked so slick and had great features and you were really into it and then you learned they were talking about a product almost a year away from release? And so you waited and they started to show off devices but were cagey about actual release dates. And you waited and they announced European availability. And you waited and finally some US availability on some carriers. And you waited and finally it’s available for your carrier. And the whole time you were as patient as you could be but somewhere inside it was killing you that it was taking so long to release the dang thing while the rest of your friends blew through the latest iPhone and 500 Android models in that same period of time.

The official release of Windows Phone (internationally) was October 21, 2010. That’s just shy of 8 months ago for those of you counting. And what are we doing today? We’re waiting because that super awesome upgrade is going to come out that will change everything. Of course, there’s no firm date for its release and we hear that testing devices are going out to developers soon but the only word about general availability is ‘Fall 2011’ and considering it’s just the beginning of Summer there’s more waiting in our future.

And just like last time new devices are coming out for other platforms but what about Windows Phones? Nothing on the horizon. Manufactures (even the big Nokia) are doing what we’re doing…waiting on Mango. So the rest of the industry continues to kick out new hardware and those of us in the Microsoft camp are left twiddling our thumbs, just like we did a year ago, frustrated that a company that can do so many spectacular things always takes so long to do it while the rest of the industry somehow manages to react quicker.

Maybe one day they’ll get the memo and be the top dog again. I’m waiting for that day…