Nokia eyeing Android

Say it ain’t so?! Some keen eyed folk on the internet noticed Nokia posted a job listed to Linkedin looking for a principal software engineer, particularly one of the Linux flavor. In true blogger fashion, the law states, we must allow our imagination and general geekdom to get the best of us. So, Linux being the core of Android and Linkedin job posting meaning Nokia is about to start cheating only makes sense.

For Nokia, I can actually see this making sense, as many Android fans were upset they didn’t choose Android in the first place. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Nokia is proably the only hardware company alive capatable of producing beautiful devices to stand against the mighty fruit company. We know they will be recived well in the Android world, not to mention they could use the capital, it’ll bring them back from dark ages for sure. So, no beef if this is the case, besides, Microsoft is one foot in the door with making their own hardware, so it is all good. What do you guys think?


  1. I would buy a Nokia android device. They good at battery life and radios? Can’t be any worst than Samsung.

  2. And maybe…..Nokia wants to develop some apps for Android. You know, like Microsoft and One Note, Smart Glass, etc. Give everyone a good taste, but if you want the whole experience you will have to step inside.

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