Holy effen…

ok now next time save a few dollars here and instead throw some money at developers and get them to get more features into the phone and then it will cost less to advertise since the things wills ell themselves. But still…wow!


  1. Holy God! With events like that, they’re going to blow through those advertising dollars quick as hell. I don’t care how many millions/billions they were going to throw at it.

  2. I was one of the 500 “fans” hidden under the giant flags. In reality it was a lot of WP7 fans and as they are quite rare in Denmark it was nice to see them help MS/Nokia.

    But damn… it was freeeeezing cold to sit there and wait for 40 minutes! :-)

  3. If Microsoft gets nothing more than marketing know how from their Nokia partnership(although we know that’s not the case) it will be worth a cool billion.

    So what do you expect to see from Nokia next Sunday night. My guess is it will be memorable.

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