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Metrotwit available for Windows 8

Metrotwit is an awesome Windows 7 Twitter app (that I use) that’s extremely full featured, slick and easy to use. Well it now has a Windows 8 counterpart. The Windows 8 version isn’t feature complete at this point but you can still give it a go. The devs explianed that they needed to redo a lot of the code and it’s not a straight port. but Microsoft employees assisted with the app.

Mouse support in Metro also presents a whole new set of challenges. We designed for both mouse and touch from the start and believe we found a good balance between the two in terms of usability.

We are proud to be one of the first applications that have built-in support for “edge scrolling”, that is, a type of horizontal scrolling triggered by the mouse when it reaches a vertical screen edge (as seen in the Start Screen). We believe this is a necessity for mouse usability in a panoramic Metro experience.

MetroTwit for Windows 8 also includes a comprehensive and almost no-compromise Snap view. Snap is a killer new feature in Windows 8 and having the app docked beside Internet Explorer or the desktop works great.

You can check it out here for Windows 8.

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