Looks like the concept behind the Smoked by a Windows Phone campaign are going to be promoted further with the Lumia’s AT&T launch. MS Nerd has stated that the tagline will be “free time machine in your pocket”.

They also have a new site launched http://www.freetimemachine.com/:b=ie9/:

And yes, it’s Nokia/Microsoft related:

I like it…I like it a lot


  1. SUPER LAME. who the heck cares whether their phone is a nanosecond faster? No one. All they care about is the phone being cool. The “Beautifully Different” line in Europe is far superior. Why can’t MS stop having the lamest marketing team imaginable?

    • @ken: Because there are so many lame people around the world who think they can achieve great things in life with few nanoseconds. This is the reason why apple , MS talk a lot about their boot up speeds of ipad, mac book, windows 8.. You will find millions of videos on YouTube showing just the boot up speed of the uploader’s system. They don’t care about other functionalities, just their boot up speeds. So Nokia MS Apple is doing exactly what these lame people want. Its really annoying.

  2. Microsoft and Nokia holding “Free time machine in your pocket” contest on April 9th | News Tech Daily

    […] Source: MS_Nerd (Twitter); via Mobility Digest […]

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