Hopefully you’ve already seen a couple of comparisons between HTC’s newest Android flaghship HTC One, and the current photography champion-Lumia920. Well My Nokia Blog has managed to get a fresh set of comparisons and video capture it for our viewing pleasure. Check it out below.

Certainly if you’re HTC and your big differentiating feature is your camera hardware and software you want you bill it as a gigantic leap forward. Nokia did it with the PureView 808 and the Lumia 920. Before Nokia it was Apple with the camera on the iPhone 4. Unfortunately it appears all HTC has managed to accomplish is get themselves firmly in the game when it comes to low-light photos but not quite matching the Lumia 920’s performance. Since graininess seems to be an issue I’m hoping that some kind of software patch can be done to improve that aspect of the photos.

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Source: MyNokiaBlog


  1. I don’t think they can patch graininess. I think it’s just a question of having few pixels and the ISO settings they are using. Effectively, the trick they are using to get a brighter photo has more noise. The Lumia has a specialized sensor. The hardware in the Lumia is untouchable…at least by the One

  2. Lumia screen brightness is defaulted to ON setting….so maybe its looks darker. But I think Lumia is better quality. How about taking it with 800 ISO setting…u’ll be amazed. I tried it close up shot with this setting n it look like I have a point n shoot camera! :)) . BTW can’t wait till the new Lumia with 41 mp Pureview !! Lol

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