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Have You Hacked Mango On To Your Windows Phone Yet?

So I recently picked up a Focus for my wife (off-market) to use through the summer so she can debate WP7 and iOS and I really had no choice in the matter. I can’t simply hand her a stock device, right? So I did what’s in my blood and installed the Mango update to it using the tools that are on the web and it’s actually pretty simple. It’s more of an exercise in patience than anything in fact. Of course, there’s still plenty of risks, like what happens later when it’s time to revert (they say it will work but what do I know) and of course, if it fails you’ve voided your warranty. Also, we all know that Mango still has some bugs to it. Nothing fatal but if you use the OS long enough you’ll find them. But all in all I’m happy with the decision to Mangoize it.

Now I know you guys pretty well and a lot of you have the same history as me and it’s pretty hard to resist an easy hack like this but WP7 has trained us to be satisfied with the silky smooth device they provided us with. So, did you do it?