Nokia Windows RT Tablet Soon WHY RT.

Now here is a rumor I fancy, the white knight of Mirosoft’s Windows Phone platform to be the white knight for their grown up OS? Say it isn’t so! Well, as of right now, the rumors are flying, speculations are high and the wish list is betting on Mobile World Congress.

According to Digitimes, Nokia has a Windows RT tablet well in the works and ready to be unveiled to the world at MWC this year. Although this is a long standing rumor, Nokia’s sudden lack of interest in CES, and some inside information on Marko Ahtisaari’s tablet efforts earlier this year, its all conventionally making sense.

But wait a minute, would I even want a “Lumia” tablet? I am not so sure, there really isn’t much wind in my sale for Windows RT, and what ever this is left, the Surface does a wonderful job at capturing the rest. Could this Nokia effort be as wasteful as Surface was? I sure would hate to see another beautiful piece of hardware subjected to an “in between” solution that really didn’t need to exist. So, either Nokia slaps a real processor on this fairy device, or Microsoft makes Windows RT a bit more functional for the village idiot. Only time will tell!


  1. Come on. An 8″ to 10″ Nokia RT tablet, with LTE, at maybe $199 with AT&T subsidy, wouldn’t be interesting?

    • What is so interesting about an RT device? All it does is restrict you, an Atom powered one will have the same benefit of long battery life, thinness and lightness plus the freedom to install anything else if you choose to. RT just doesnt have any benefits I can see, especially after using a Vivo Tab and its all day battery life.

      • instant on is important to me, especially on a tablet. If you are using windows RT as a tablet and not a laptop replacement/ultrabook, it does a fine job at what it is.

      • Well, for the power user I will admit that an RT device may be as much a novelty as it is useful. But for the vast majority of computer users who do little more than check email, post to Facebook and browse the web, an RT device is the perfect companion. Less to deal with. Less to understand. Can’t tell you how many people’s machines I have looked at and the only programs installed are malware. Not being able to install programs could be a good thing for some.

        Compared to something like an iPad, users can load and offload media and other file types from a variety of sources; SkyDrive, Shared Folders, Micro SD, USB, Homegroup. Atom tablets will be priced accordingly, which will help maintain the attractiveness of RT.

        I will agree that my Asus S200e Touchscreen is more versatile than my Surface RT (they both cost $499), as I can install programs in addition to apps. But the long battery life of the Surface, and the fact that it’s a tablet offer enough difference to make them both valuable in my world.

  2. Win RT is the long time future for Windows, whilst I have a MS Surface the more high quality alternatives the better.

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