Nokia NFC Enabled Wireless Charging Headsets

That’s right folks, Nokia truly understands how to sell you something! Design it well and color it better! The new Luna headsets will feature NFC paring, instant on technology that will allow you to answer from the cradle, wireless charging and of course, some fairly bright color flavors! Check out the video!

Comes with Nokia’s Always Ready technology. Just take it out of its cradle and the headset takes care of the rest: powering up, connecting and call answering. Charge it on one of our many wireless charging products:



  1. Those look large, and how are they weighted? They’re not going to fall out of your ear? Are they comfortable to use?
    I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of in-ear anythings. That probably comes from only having hearing in one ear, and wanting to protect what hearing I’ve got… And having small ears. I have YET to find in-ear anythings that are actually small enough to stay and not fall out. But then if they were small enough, they’d probably be too close to the ear drum. Can’t have it all. I’ll stick with over-the-ear accessories.

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