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So Many Frickin’ WPs Here

When I write here I tuck in a transparent 1×1 gif hotlinked from my own server so that I can watch the traffic live and see who’s from where and what they’re using. I cranked out an article last night, did the blank gif thing, kept an eye on it for a bit and woah man almost all of them were Windows Phones viewing it. The rest were a small handful of IE9 (desktop) users (no one using an older version), and a couple Androids and someone on an iPad.

Obviously, as a result of my greatly reduced participation on this site over the year, this joint has turned into a full-throttle Windows Phone operation. For better or worse though? Is that what you people, readers, is that the site you want, or would this place be better if we somehow managed to pull in a more device-diverse audience? Obviously we would define better, usually, as whatever brings in more traffic (except porn, politics and cuss words – sigh), but the way to look at it when making a website is that what brings in more traffic is a website that you’d want to visit yourself.

I’ll turn this into an ask-the-readers bit now as some of you are pretty smart and I want an answer to this question really badly (especially from you, Surur, I know you’re out there): What can we do differently to make this site better? More bluntly, how can we get more pageviews and most specifically and importantly how can we improve visitor loyalty? What can we give you to make you want to come back for more?

And for you RSS readers, do you agree with me that only giving you the excerpts, which we do because some of us actually think that will build traffic better than giving you the full articles) is ultimately not helpful to us at this point? Any tips on getting admitted to Google News? The theme, cool or whack? Too many game and iPad case “review” and press release copypasta articles versus the stuff I write or do you like the balance? Recommend any widgets? Do you want more wild opinion bits, more reports on what the analysts just said,  do you think this slideshow C’mon fellas, gimme something. Even something crazy, like writing everything, every single letter on this site including the logo and site title that shows up on Google (sometimes), in lowercase. Let loose.

Here, I’ll start. The most common non-mobile screen resolution amongst you people is 768 pixels vertically, yet on the front page the first headline after that slideshow “featured article” thing doesn’t appear for 1000 pixels. That sounds stupid to me, almost like whoever was involved in implementing that didn’t check the screen resolution section on Google Analytics. Is the junk up top actually good enough to warrant making visitors scroll a full page down to see the first most recent article? No, right? Maybe it is, I don’t know. And in case you were wondering, the second most common non-phone resolution hitting us is 1920×1080. People, go 16:10 please, thank me later.

Doug Simmons