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Woolensheep = WP7 + Puzzler + Open Feint + Free

Woolensheep has hit the Windows Phone Marketplace and it’s another Ximad title so you can expect slick graphics and polished game play. This game is a take on the usual mouse game, where you move once and they move once trying to escape/trap. This version is of course sheep and also has some fancy features, one of which is using Open Feint which lets you create cross-platform high scores but since I don’t see a Woolensheep version for other platforms, I think they’re just using it (for now at least) as a backbone to do high scores. If you’re curious Ximad’s title Ninja Breakout is available for Android and Blackberry as well as WP7 and that’s also an Open Feint title so don’t be surprised to see Woolensheep come to other platforms with expanded Open Feint support.

Anyway, let’s get back to the game and do some official description action:

It’s a big and wonderful world full of freedom and adventures. Everyone wants to get there at least for a few minutes to look at it and to feel it. So our sheep that was made of wool with love does. It has grown up and wants to escape from its native pastures to find new worlds and unlimited freedom. But the shepherd is on the alert and is always ready to return the sheep back. You should surround the sheep with barriers (if you play mode "the Farmer") or try to escape the shepherd’s barriers to the edge of the field (if you play mode "the sheep ") and get as more points as you can to be the first among other players thanks to open feint.

You’ll like this amazing and exciting brainteaser!

Game characteristics:

-bright graphics

-many levels


-2 game modes

This game comes in a free and paid version. The app descriptions are the same though.