Once again Nokia is demonstrating its ability to add tremendous value to their user’s mobile experience. Announcing today that they will be bringing Nokia Xpress to their Lumia line of Windows Phones after outing the app on their Asha 308 & 309 phones last week. The advantage of Nokia Xpress data compression is that it can save money on data charges and it also carries along the bonuses of making searches across Bing and YouTube easily. Not to mention your favorite sites are reformat into a magazine-like layout. I’m literally smiling as I type this. Nokia continues to show that they are a first class contributor to the mobile experience and yet another reason why I’d be hard pressed to think about picking up anything other than a Nokia device this holiday season if you’re a Windows Phone fan.


Source: Engadget via Nokia Beta Labs


  1. Got the beta. I’ll play with it later. Still couldn’t make it the default browser…at least as far sa we know.

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