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1.3Ghz Snapdragon Coming To WP7? [Update: Nope]

Engadget reports that the LG E900 will be shipping with a 1.3Ghz Qualcomm QSD8650A, which supposedly is faster and uses less power than it’s 1Ghz predecessor that currently ships with the EVO 4G and others.  In my opinion, the E900 isn’t the best looking WP7 device to leak out.  I’m especially not liking the single piece 3-way button but this is the only WP7 device coming out with the new processor, I might just be motivated to get this over one of the more attractive looking devices.  Too bad Samsung can’t put one of these new cpus in their model.  I really want an excuse to try out the Super AMOLED displays of theirs.  What about the rest of you?  Would you rather have a good looking phone or a fast one?  Or am I blind, and this phone really is a beauty?  Let me know in the comments!


Looks like our friends over at WMExperts have debunked this rumor and it sadly it doesn’t seem to be true.  No 1.3Ghz Snapdragon for us…at least not yet.  Damn you Google Translator!!!

Thanks for the tip Eric!