It is getting very hard to keep a secret these days and the folks at Nokia are probably not to happy as they seem to have a security breach at one of their factories where the “Sea Ray” Windows Phone running Mango is being built. From the video we can see that the Nokia Sea Ray will have some curved Gorilla Glass happening as well as striking similarity  to the N9. On top the Sea Ray will have a 3.5mm audio jack as well as a cover protecting the mini-usb port which I have never been a huge fan of. Dedicated buttons on the right hand side of the device with volume up and down being located on the top and a power button located right under them. There is also a dedicated camera button located on the bottom of the right hand side which booted up really quick.

So what do you think? Does Nokia’s Sea Ray got it’s sexy on? Or is everyone just down with some Mango goodness?



  1. Any idea what the screen size is/will be? I kinda want this, but with T-Mo getting in bed with the devil, I’m gonna be jumping to verizon… so it’d be nice if they can hook this up on multiple carriers.

  2. With the USB port on top of the device, it virtually eliminates any possibility of a docking station accessory, even if the do sell 25M of these. Wish all OEMs would wise up and just place it bottom center. Does it really impact aesthetics that much?

  3. Sadly, this phone probably won’t even be released in the states. So there’s no reason for me to get excited about it, even though I love the design.

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