Thanks to our buddies over at  1800PocketPC we get an update on how strong the push for Xbox Live and mobile gaming will be on Windows Phone 7.

With rival platforms Android and Apple ratcheting up their gaming prowess (cough, Apples Game Center, cough) immediately after Microsoft announced that Xbox Live integration was one of the cornerstones of Windows Phone 7 you will be happy to know that Microsoft is devoting even more resources to the upcoming mobile gaming war.  Think of it as Windows Phone 7 is getting the equivalent of a beefed up National Defense Budget in a time of war.  Microsoft has announced that not only have they managed to get premium gaming studios to develop for Windows Phone 7 they have created a division within Microsoft Game Studios to deliver premium gaming titles to the Windows Phone 7 platform.  Its called MGS Mobile Gaming.

By creating a mobile game studio Microsoft has made it clear they aren’t just giving lip service to bringing the power of Xbox Live to the phone.  Expect to see the first premium gaming titles for Windows Phone 7 at this month’s Gamecon.  I’ll be waiting and watching with excitement and anticipation, how about you?  Will MGS Mobile Gaming push Windows Phone 7 to the top?  Will premium franchises become the norm going forward?  What are you, the reader, looking forward to the most to come out of Xbox Live integration and MGS Mobile Gaming?  Sound off in the comments!


Source: 1800PocketPC


  1. @Murani:

    When I said merging, I meant Merging different Live accounts. Like, I just stopped using the Windows Live account that I have been using for *years*, because while I could transfer my xbox live account over to it, it was easier to transfer my Dreamspark validation and my MSN contacts to the one that I had XBox Live on. I already set up my Dev account on my old Live account, but it’s no longer linked with Dreamspark, so now I have to decide whether I should make a new one with my new Live account or not. It’s all very confusing…
    Then I have to do is start backing up my phone using MyPhone with the new one, and I’ll be set.

    I’m not sure how I want to handle Facebook. I want to be able to update my status, and all that fun stuff, but I don’t want to have to deal with my entire contact list being flooded with my Facebook “friends.”

  2. Being the achievement whore that I am, I’m looking forward to games with Xbox Live achievements integration. I think this will also help replay value of the games. As long as they stay on the cheap (400 Microsoft Points or less) I could totally imagine owning a bunch of these games.

    I’ve recently spent time merging information from two Windows Live accounts so my transition to Windows Phone 7 will be smoother.

  3. im looking forward to the multiplayer capabilities as well as the quality of games, curious to see how these on screen joysticks handle in the real world though

  4. @ Max-I’ve also recently started to link my different accounts to Windows Live. I can’t wait to turn on my WP7 and watch it fill up with all kinds of goodies.

    @ sm0k3ydaband1t-I think the main reason the multiplayer gaming will be focused on turn based gaming at launch is because Microsoft knows they will be blamed for bad performance even if its the result of poor network (carrier) performance. Very smart decision to wait until the carriers all roll out upgraded networks like LTE/4G/Wimax.

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