imageI’ve upgraded to GDR3 and the only reason was the ability to attach a .doc or .pdf to an email (the rest of the features are fine but aren’t that compelling to me). Well, this feature isn’t active in GDR3 (or if it is then it’s really really well hidden). The attach button in emails does the same thing now as before – it opens the photo picker and that’s it. So it’s still not corporate friendly.

And don’t tell me to use SkyDrive to attach a document…


    • @Matteo, I was gonna say the same thing. I have been emailing PDFs and docs and spreadsheets all the time. At least 12 every Monday. Didn’t realize this was an issue. Trying to remember, but I think I did it on WP7 as well

  1. @ Moe – it’s all there. If I wasn’t told that I upgraded I never would have known…
    @Matteo – i was always able to do that. But if you’re in an email chain with a few people then it’s useless…that means you are starting a new email chain and you can only add one document. Try to send a few documents in one email. And if you want to forward a few documents you can’t edit the chain of the email so you have to read everything in the chain beforehand…From a business perspective it’s a huge pain.

      • I take my word back for Twitter and FB. We could share with Twitter and Facebook. Also we could attach PNG files, not JPGs though.

  2. Forget attachments, they still don’t support encryption on the SD card. I never could get my corporate email at all on wp7/8. Switched to a Galaxy and haven’t looked back. Attachments of any type can be pulled from anywhere on the device, no questions asked. And, even though the device doesn’t meet the corporate specs natively, Touchdown is a great 3rd party solution. Couldn’t find any when I was on wp.

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