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HTC Gold to Launch in November as HTC’s 1st WP7 Phone

Omio, an online retailer, has gotten a hold of a list of phones that will be launched in the UK later this year.  Among them is the HTC Gold, most likely aka the HTC Mondrian, set to be released in November.  No details were provided other than it will be loaded with Windows Phone 7.

HTC ‘Gold‘ – Rumoured to be the Taiwanese manufacturer’s first bite at the Windows Phone 7 cherry (Ace permitting…), we all want to see what they can do with Microsoft’s shiny new phone platform.

They made Android sing (to the tune of a 58% increase in Q2 revenue, no less), they made Windows Mobile bearable…this one should be big.

Here’s hoping it’s packing that 1.5Ghz processor! Not that I would complain if they gave us a 1.3Ghz one instead.

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