This is pretty interesting. A video of the load time of a game on the Samsung Omnia 7 compared to an HTC 7 Trophy. And the Samsung wins by loading in about half the time. Remember, both of these phones have the same software and the same CPU. It seems to be that the choice of memory is at work here. I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear of this, but I’m curious to see what other speed differences emerge as more devices are on the market. The tight specs MS insisted on were supposed to set minimums but as you can see, that doesn’t mean all devices are the same. Like a PC, there’s more to a device than a CPU.

By the way, the author of the video has confirmed that it’s not battery life at play (he’s tried it fully charged) and the OS is the same build

via WMPU


  1. i’m still waiting to see what’s under the silver layer on the inside of trophy to see if we can find the microSD slot, and if so, what it would be like if it was changed to a class 4/6 card, to see if the speed comes way down.

  2. nice find. if we are comparing phones to computers then yes, we should be looking at memory, chipset, other things such as the build quality, heat, screen resolution (same on all wp7 phones?)… ect

  3. Well the Omnia is one of the few phones that have been confirmed not to have a physical MicroSD card, therefore there is no bottleneck with the memory interface in comparison to other phones with built in SD cards. I’ve got an Omnia 7 and its lightning fast…all the time and in comparision to a friends Mozart, it kills it everytime loading, going back etc etc – it’s leagues ahead and Samsung need to capatilize on this to differentiate there phone from the rest …. oh and put a 32GB chip in Samsung!

  4. @Ricky:

    I agree with you. I just got my Omnia 7 this morning and boy, this thing is lighthing fast, even a shade faster than my girlfriends iPhone 4.

  5. Yeah I would love to see the manufacturers put in 16GB of internal memory with SD expansion. I am anxious to see how the Focus compares to the HTC.

    I have to say wow! That Super AMOLED screen just looks so vibrant.

  6. Why is the battery low on the HTC?…I would like to see this done agian with fully charged batteries and/or on a charger. Could it be the phone is trying to save power , by running the program start up slower? But very interesting to say the least…

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