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Windows Phone 8: Skype Integration, Camera and More Shown in Leaked Images


Izzi over at Nokia Innovation got his hands on some purported leaked screenshots of Apollo, the new Windows Phone 8 build. It’s only a small sampling of some of the new features that are supposedly coming to Windows Phone but this tease, if legitimate, should excite Windows Phone users. The screens show off Skype integration, the new camera, Nokia Drive, and a data tracker.

Skype integration makes an appearance in the leaked screens. As you can see from the caller screen image above, you’ll have the option to answer using voice only or with video. You can also make calls using Skype directly from the contacts menu.

While this isn’t exactly new news, we see the new Nokia Drive 3.0, which will be replacing Bing maps. 3D navigation, traffic report updates, and more will be available. This is an important new feature as Windows Phone looks to continue their battle against Android and the new navigation features releasing in iOS 6.

A data tracker will be added, which will become important with carriers introducing shared data plans and implementing changes that force users to move off of unlimited data plans. It even has a counter to show you how many days are left in your billing cycle.

The leaked image of the new camera interface shows what appears to be a zoom bar along with a button to switch between cameras. You can’t really tell much else, but details and confirmation should be coming next week.

[via Nokia Connection]