Marketplace just got two new additions with Pac-Man and Tower Bloxx:New York added to the Xbox Live games. Pac-Man is…wait you don’t know what Pac-Man is? Yes, it’s the classic game with flick to change directions as well as a new virtual analog mode for WP7. There’s a free trial and it’s available for $5 (really, $5 for Pac man?)

Tower Bloxx: New York is a balancing/speed game where you need to build towers as quick as you can without them falling over. They not that there’s a new Time Attack and Challenge modes added. It’s $3 with a trial mode. Is it me, or are those pixels pretty large for a WVGA display?  It does look fun though and I’ve been a fan of that genre of game in the past. Here’s a look at the Xbox trailer for Tower Bloxx (not the NY version though) to give you a sense of gameplay:


  1. I’ve had my Android for months and I have not spent a total of $5 in there marketplace and I’m very satisfied with dozens of games.

    I will be glad when this Microsoft field study of smartphone users is over. Don’t they know you can’t be free with pay. How does it feel to pay someone so you can be there lab rat. Good luck with all of that.

  2. So wait, let me understand this. It has to be FREE in order for it to be an enjoyable user experience. McDonald’s costs less than Morton’s, and they both do, in their own way, provide a satisfying experience. But I know what line I will be standing in if given a choice.

    And how does it feel knowing that Google knows what color and size underwear you have on, or if your even wearing any. Enjoy your user experience.

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