Says i am on Tmobile data but I don't have a data plan

Almost a year ago I wrote an article “Best Instant Messaging Client” and back then I claimed that Palringo was by far the best IM client out there and till this day I feel that Palringo is the best. Since my article,  the Palringo team has made a lot of changes to the software making it faster, simpler, and easier to use. However, I recently stumbled upon another feature of Palringo that makes it even more awesome, It works without a data plan or a text messaging plan!!!!!!

Recently, I left my phone in my car and went on a 15 mile bike ride around a lake where I live and when I came back to my car I notice the “new Palringo message” icon on my top task bar and thought that it was weird because I do not have a data plan on my phone and my WIFI is turned off. However, my data connection was turned on. I don’t have a data plan but  my cellphone does show the 3G, H, or Edge icons whenever it connects. So, I called Tmobile and asked them to make sure that I do not have a data connection and they confirmed that I do not have a data plan and that they do not see any data usage of any sorts from my phone. I thought maybe it is using my text messaging plan but I continued to use Palringo when I am not at home and don’t have a WIFI connection and did notice any increase in my text message usage. Look at the Images below to see what I am talking about (After the break).

Wifi is off and some of accounts are connected
Can not browse the internet but I have a new Palringo message

I am not sure how Palringo is working if it is not using text messages or a data plan. I do have a theory that maybe in the time that my phone takes to ping data towers Plaringo is already sending my messages thorough before my phone realizes i don’t have a data plan. The messages seem to come in bursts and not real time like they would on WIFI. However, the delay is only about 30-45 seconds between messages.

I have only tested this on Tmobile and I am not sure if it works on the other networks. I am hoping one of the Palringo developers will chime in like they did with my first article.  Maybe someone out there can try  this on other networks and let me know if it works or if they know why Palringo is working without a data plan or text message usage.

Visit Palringo site to download it.


  1. you’re either using wifi, or somehow using tiny packets of data which tmobile doesn’t see. there’s no way that a phone can not be connected to data, and somehow receive data. thats like saying i somehow tasted the soup, w/out opening the can. i see u have a GSM phone, pull the SIM, and i doubt the same results will ever happen w/ it out.

  2. i don’t know whats going on with ur phone or network, but of course it uses data or sms… nothing to do with palringo. all these im apps use either data, sms, or wifi… there is no way around it. you can’t magically get updates without some kind of connection.

  3. ive downloaded and installed Palringo on my htc diamond, signed up for an account and yet been able to log in…keeps saying reconnecting

  4. Hi,

    Thanks again for the many kind words, unfortunately the other responses have been correct, you must have had a data connection of some sort for the messages to be sent or received. One probable advantage to the method Palringo uses is that we try to use the data connection as efficiently as possible, so that might have helped here.

    @chris – drop support AT palringo DOT com an email with your problem and they can help you sort it out, generally make sure Palringo has permission to access the data connection and make sure you are signing in with your Palringo username.

    Thanks Guys

  5. Lol, dude, you are not on a data plan, but your phone actually conencted to the internet using GPRS,Edge,H or 3G to get you the message. In other words, expect to have additional charges on your next bill for using Data.

    Cheers :)

  6. I know it is using some form of a data connection but i am not being charged any data. I agree it does not work without me having my data connection turned on. But the fact that it is not using any data and that i dont have a data plan makes it awesome for me to use in places where there is no wifi.
    I said it in my write up that i have to have my data connection on and that I think it is sending small packets or data through before my network can realize i dont have a data package. I have also actually sent pictures over the palringo client without any problem.

    Chris: Make sure that you typed in your password and username properly and that you are using the palringo user name and password.

    Adel: I just called tmobile and they do not see ANY data usage any where and they even put a note on my account that says if they see data usage. I am not responsible for it because I tried to be proactive and make sure I did not have any data usage.

  7. Here is an email I got from Ross one of the Palringo developers:

    It is indeed a mystery! Palringo uses a normal TCP/IP data connection on
    either port 443, 8080 or 38535 and we rely on the built in Windows Mobile
    device networking code to establish this link. As far as we’re aware,
    this should require a data connection. We can only assume that perhaps
    you have stumbled on a network-specific exception that they use for
    testing and perhaps one of those network ports is always open?

  8. Darryl (Palringo)———- I sent an email last night, and no reply so far, anyway you could help me ?

  9. Update: Seems like tmobile has shut down whatever port they left open. I can no longer get palringo to work like I was able to before.

  10. @Vikram LOL. Tmoby probably shut down the left open port because someone shouted about it on the internet! Moral of the story: If you see something for free, say nothing.

  11. Yeah. i know that rule but I wanted to share it with everyone else also. Oh well all good things must come to an end eventually right?

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