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Silver Navigator For Windows Phones Now Does Voice Directions!

We mentioned Silver Navigator GPS a week ago and introduced it as a turn by turn navigation alternative for Windows Phones. Well it just got a huge update today:

* Voice indications included !!!
* Allows to choose between optimize route distance or traveling time
* Huge performance improvements
* Better battery life
* Startup safety warning can be disabled
* Automatic re-calculation of route can be setup to ask for confirmation
* Several bug fixes

Read it again…yup, it has voice turn by turn directions now which, as far as I know, is a first for Windows Phones. I corresponded with the developer to ask what the level of voice directions are and here is his response “It´s full spoken instructions, like in any GPS navigator. It "reads" the next indication and the distance remaining to it, saying things like: "in 250 meters, turn right into the highway"… and so on…”

Yup, go change your pants and download it. It’ $3 but has a free trial.