Just watch this (it’s choppy at the beginning because of the recording):

Latest build of my WP7 game. This is actually the Windows Port (XNA ftw!) which I’ve used to get a smooth recording with Fraps. The game runs quite well in the WP7 emulator (24-30fps) but I am a bit concerned about how the phone will cope with it.

Let’s hope the phone can cope cause this is looking great.


  1. Looks great! Reminds me of an old plane fighter game I used to play. I can’t remember whether it was on Nintendo or Sega. It was fun and this looks to be an upgraded version of that. Nice!

  2. looks like geometry wars with planes, i think that style shooting without a joystick is going to be horrid though, obviously he was using his mouse on the emulator, i just dont see how moving and shooting 360deg. is going to be done with fingers on a screen, hopefully hes got some ingenious controls

  3. can’t he do shooting with a single touch – use two fingers (multitouch) to move the plane? something like that could work…

  4. yeah but it looks like you have unlimited ammo and you can fire constantly… if hes making levels on an emulator they will probably be to challenging for someone using a phone seeing as your finger movements will never be as fast as a mouse or joystick, maybe retooling how fast enemies come or something would remedy that

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