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ChevronWP7 Labs To Be Priced At $9 And More Details

The spread of countries to be included in AppHub and the addition of beta testing has led to a few Twitter exchanges with Chris Walsh of the Chevron team and you can learn a bit more about what it is and what it isn’t. First off, it’s $9 (as opposed to $99 for an official developers account from Microsoft but of course you can’t publish apps for $9 – just sideload them). Also it will not skirt the rules that Microsoft has set out so you will still not have native access to the phone or the ability to tweak the registry. These features were shut down with Mango and Chevron won’t change that. And no, there will not be piracy using this tool. It is good to let people that want to load their own apps and test them out do it for a really cheap price. Check out these exchanges: