There is an ongoing debate between the iOS people and the Android/Windows Mobile people regarding the importance of Flash.

No doubt, Flash is a very popular web technology used by many sites, but recently a question popped up about the importance of Flash in those sites, especially when accessed from a mobile device. Some believe that Flash is valuable and must be supported by today’s powerful smartphones while others believe it is a source of many problems like stability, performance and battery life.

MobilityDigest and The Mobile Spoon would like to know your opinion.
Do you think Flash must be supported by your smartphone?
Are you suffering from the fact your current phone doesn’t support it?

Tell us what you think:

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  1. Like everything else, the user should have the ultimate choice. So please “don’t think for me”. I am a big boy. Support it but if it gives me problems allow me to disable it.

  2. I can use flash on my phone (thank you frash), but I don’t. Why? Because it’s almost useless on a mobile platform. I load the occasional video via flash if it doesn’t automatically load in an outside application, but 90% of the time I see some flash on a webpage on my phone, even if I could interact with it normally, it’s not designed with a touch interface in mind, so it’s pretty much useless.

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