Just picked up a Kinect so I was on the hunt for some cheap games on Craigslist to go along with it and then I saw this:

i have a red wii barly use we bought it for xmas for my son n he dont really like it he has xboox 360 wit the kinect he enjoys it n a ps3… im tryin too get rid of it asap it has the box all the accs, manuals, n games it goes for 150 in da store new but u wont find the red one or anything wit games u.. so please contact me @ ####### prices is firm da lowest ill g is 200$ cash thank u… if u want pics just call r text n tell me

Srsly wtf haz we dun 2 b lik dis?

or as iChris put it “I sey u rite hm a email bout da Wii n da sam bs eng.”

Look, do what you want to get it down to 160 characters when you’re texting but outside of that…well don’t do this.


  1. I find it thoroughly disgusting that college students submit term papers to me with text message ‘language’ throughout.

  2. OMG I just realized – take out the punctuation and it’s as if Archie the cockroach wrote it! (Showing my age much?)

  3. More often than not, I simply stop reading when a diatribe begins with this vernacular. Poor grammar is another of my major gripes. Is it really that difficult to throw a comma or period in once in a while? I’m not buying the “I was typing on my iThingy” excuse; I wrote this on my Windows Phone 7. People are just lazy.

  4. Who the hell cares about the 160 char limit anyway? Which phone today doesn’t support extended text messages? Even my parents old phones support it..

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