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  1. JRDemaskus
    Sep 18 - 2:38 am

    My 5″ device is now over 3 years old. Barely any marks on it.
    Using a leather PD-Air flip case. The inside pocket of the flip extends for the whole length, I filled it with a rigid, thin sheet of spring metal to protect against pressure on the screen when closed.
    I made a “roll cage” holster out of a piece of aluminum, covers the long ends of the phone, with a seatbelt across the width.
    I attached a fixed plastic clip on the back, that I have broken once, but was easily replaced.
    I covered the aluminium in a self adhesive,floor grade black vinyl on the outside and foil backed, floor grade, black tape on the inside, with some nice chromed plastic edging to cap the ends.
    The whole package weighs 1 lb. With 1/2 of that being the phone.
    The best part, I can resize the holster for my next device.
    Already shopping for the next case for a device I have not decided on yet.

  2. Nokia Lumia Cases
    Sep 24 - 11:02 am

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