About 7 months ago we ran a poll asking Windows Phone users what their thoughts were of the platform. At the time 89% of you gave a 4 or 5 star response. So the honeymoon is well over at this point. Let’s put all the talk about how sales are doing, etc behind us and revisit the simple question:  How much do you love your Windows Phone? Feel free to use the comments section to explain your answer. Oh and if you’re not using a Windows Phone use the comments section but stay out of the polls please.

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  1. I have been without my DVP for a few weeks now, using an HD2 in its stead and I have missed the smoothness, applications and functionality a lot. And funny enough, a colleague nearby has a Focus and every time I hear his text or battery low notification for a split second I think its me! Definitely 5 stars from me.

  2. Would’ve gotten a 5 if they would have put custom ringtone support in nodo instead of mango

  3. FYI I didn’t rig the polls. I see the percentages calculated are off despite the number of votes for the 4 and 5 stars. Hoping someone on our team knows the deal and can fix

  4. I have to say a 4 star rating for my hTC HD7. I really miss sending videos and attaching files to my SMS and emails. A nicer screen would be nice , anyhow the rating is for the OS.

  5. Great phone and operating system. I like the tiles and the way they provide access to my most used items. The whole operating system works almost flawless, not quite but close. Just get those updates out quicker…. Windows did a great job with this OS and I hope they continue developing new ideas. I’ve used Android and really windows is a lot smoother and well laid out in my opinion. Thanks Microsoft. Keep it up.

  6. I’ve been using my Samsung Focus since January, and I have no complaints at all. The OS is great. The only thing I want is the background image on the lock screen to show up in the home screen, but its absence doesn’t really bother me. Everything about the OS is beautiful, and it doesn’t look like some iPhone knockoff. I voted 4 stars but I’ll give it 5 when Bing gets image search.

  7. I knew I wanted a Windows Phone since Mobile World Congress 2010, when we got our first glimpse as to what Microsoft would be creating. The day after the US launch, I picked up my Samsung Focus. With most of my other friends and family having gone to the iPhone and Android, I’ve had many opportunities to compare, and the only conclusion I could make is that it amazes me what the iPhone and Android still can’t do/get right. 5 stars for me. I’ll never buy an iPhone or Android phone.

  8. You know what?

    There are things that I wish it did – most of which we’ll see with Mango. The agenda program and lack of tasks sync and categories sucks but I am used to Pocket Informant.

    What I really continue to love, however, is the continuity of the UI. It is just a joy to use relative to the app-for-that model and the total disorganization that is the android face, motorola-ized, HTC-ized or other.

    Additionally, as a phone, the thing is great! It just plain makes and holds calls on AT&T here in RHode Island.

    Voice commands over my Jawbone work much better than my business partner’s VC on Jesus iV over her Jawbone.

    Would like more colours for the themes – Tour de France is coming and there needs to be a yellow theme for that.

    Looking forward to next iteration of the Venue Pro – one that works, perhaps – because I like that format. In the meantime am really loving my surround and it’s second life as a bedside boom box.

  9. Gave it 4 stars but once Mango comes out it will get a 5 I’m pretty sure.

    Currently can’t access Excel and Word documents from Skydrive which stinks. Custom ringtones would be nice but not a big deal. Turn by turn direction are needed and looking forward to not needing a PC to get podcasts (yes I know there are 3rd party apps, but can’t run them in the background).

    Overall they are minor gripes and I like the phone a lot. I did recommend it to a friend the other day and he replied, “I had a windows phone before and hated it. I’ll never buy another one.” After asking more about it I pointed out to him he had Windows Mobile not WP7 and that they are worlds apart. It was obvious he was still not interested in any phone with the Windows name in it. Microsoft really needs to come up with a new name for this OS…

  10. @Squish: i dont think re naming the os is a good idea… windows can be a bad name for others… and vice versa… heres what you do,go to tell your friend to play with your phone… thats all.

  11. 2 things REALLY bother me:

    First, no Adobe Flash (spare me the arguments why.)

    Second, MSoft’s policy against letting apps like grindr and Scruff into th Marketplace. As a gay man, I resent it, and I’m taking my partner’s iPhone 4 when he gets the iP5, and dumping this brick.

  12. @john s: dont take it too personal…. like what i said before…. do your home work on researching about a particular device before purchase.. and you are a good example… flash slows everything.. html websites is the future.. and damn dude dont fabricate being gay.. thats uncool!!!!!!!!!!

  13. @john s: I just want to clarify that there is no policy that prohibits gay apps from the Marketplace. If the developer makes it for wp7 it would be approved.

  14. He did check out my phone and said it seemed much better but I could see in his expression that he still wasn’t interested. He looked like he had post traumatic stress disorder over his Windows Mobile experience…

    I just think they should come up with a whole new name like Google did with Android. Start with a clean slate so no one has preconceived ideas about it. There’s no way that everyone that feels burned by WM is going to have someone they know point out that WP7 is a completely different experience. If they did have a horrible experience with WM they certainly won’t be seeking out a Windows Phone on their own to find out how vastly improved it is. Even if they did, the employees at AT&T stores, and the like, that also hated WM will probably talk those customers out of it because the salespeople don’t know all the strengths of WP either.

    I still don’t think it’s too late to come up with a new name, but I’m sure Microsoft is reluctant to rebrand it 8 months in. It just seems to me like an extra hurdle to selling these phones that could be avoided.

  15. Needs Wifi Router, or at least tethering without having to change major settings each time. Video MMS would be nice. Upcoming Mango features will take care of the rest for me. Also hoping for a Nokia slide-out qwerty with bigger screen than LG Quantum, closer to 4″, and a top of the line camera.

  16. @Squish: men oh men,ur friend really had a PTSD with winmo. Maybe with Mango update and new hardware he will change his mind, i think windows phone is the best label foe this platform ,everybody has a second chance, and we all know MSFT is doing everything to create that focus on the end users experience.. Unlike Android, they dont give a shit.here is there motto DO IT NOW FIX IT LATER… WE ALL KNOW THATS ALL ANDROID PHONES ARE CRAP..they sell because of the hardware not because of the OS. IM SURE YOU HAVE MORE FRIENDS…

  17. Love it, need mango, more individual customization of system volume (keyboard vs alarms vs toasts, etc), more fb integration.

  18. I give it a 4.2 with copy and paste and may reach a 5 with mango. I just wish they would’ve made the phones with bigger batteries.

  19. A. Love the phone (AT&T HD7S)
    B. WP7 needs work, but better than my iTouch or iPad OS – Mango hurry please.
    C. Am somewhat interested in the poll math…5 is at 60%, 4 @ 49% and the others at small numbers 3% and 3%…so that’s 115%, which is a real improvement over the last poll, but does cast some doubt validity. Sarcasm somewhat dripping.

  20. 4 Probably 5 after mango. This is my first smartphone, so needed something easy to train me in, my focus was so easy to learn, didn’t even need to look at manual! Just waiting for better ringtones and sure would be nice to have flash, but overall, I love my focus!

  21. 4 stars, probably back to 5 once mango comes out, assuming it’s anywhere near as good as it seems like it’ll be.

    I really wish there were a way to sync music using linux though, over the last few months I’ve found myself on windows less and less, just because most of my schoolwork has necessitated linux. (I do realize I’m probably the only person with this problem, but still. if they have a crappy tool for mac they could relatively easily have a crappy tool for linux)

  22. I love it, even though the other gay guy said he didn’t. Not all gay men dislike the Windows Phone 7.

  23. Love mine, was a fresh change from Apple & Android(not saying either are bad platforms), and now I can’t wait until the Nokia wp7 devices come out.

  24. I just got my Dell Venue Pro windows phone, and I have to say, so far, I think I’m loving it.

    No major clitches with it, just a little trouble setting up my Outlook. My user name for my work email has a space in it (it’s set up as first and last name), and I can not space when setting it up. I’ve got a couple of posts on a couple sites, so I am hoping I can find a way to resolve it.

    Other than that, I do love it. I had a TMobile MyTouch 3GH Android and it was a frustrating phone. It was sluggish and non responsive. My Dell is quick to load web pages and the apps work much quicker and better.

    ~ Evelyn


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