samsung-galaxy-note-3Samsung let the cat out of the bag yesterday at IFA as they unveiled the Galaxy Note III, the flagship Phablet  or mini-tablet which ever you prefer, and have released a 6 minute video covering the device and anything else you wanted to know including what the engineers had for breakfast that day. Be that as it may, The Galaxy Note 3, with it’s huge 5.7 inch display also comes equipped with an updated S Pen that Sammy is hoping you will love.  Check out the video below for all the details.


  1. I am a huge fan of large screen size smartphones but 7 inch is too big for a daily driver. I think 5 – 5.5 is perfect size for the power user. Then a 10 inch tablet for everything else that a laptop cant handle.

  2. A 5 inch device is really my limit for a daily quick on the go device. My Surface Pro is used for anything else that needs to be actually productive, 10 inch is much more productive than 7. (code, remote desktop) I just don’t like the Phlablet form factor, but again that’s just me.

  3. I respect what Samsung has done with the Note and the S-Pen. I think I can be productive but I don’t want to go back to using a stylus.

    I wish Samsung would stop cramming any and everything onto their devices and instead utilize the 80/20 usage case principle.

  4. This is a 5.7″ device.
    Where did you get 7″?
    Not looking for trouble. Just saying, what the hell happenened to the functionality at Windows Phone? Remember WinMo? It was supposed to keep growing, not lob off half of itself and give me less to play with.
    Microsoft wants me to rely on a smartphone, and a tablet and a Laptop Or PC setup, so I can buy more devices and they can sell more Windows licenses.
    Sorry Microsoft, I have heard the drum, and it says the cloud and Chrome, on a single device, is where the future is.
    That said, I still want to see the Nokia 6″ tabphone before I buy the SNote3.

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