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Android App Inventor – Greatest Thing Ever or Beginning Of The End? [Poll]

By now you probably saw the release from Google talking about Android App Inventor. If you don’t know, this lets anyone write an ‘app’ for Android. Essentially you have a simple program that you can use to drop in text boxes, sound clips and even gain access to the GPS and accelerometer. There’s no programming at all and it’s all visualized. Want to see Google show off how powerful it is? Here it is making an ‘app’ that’s a picture of a cat and when you press it, it meows. Holy shit I’ve been waiting my whole life for this app! 🙂 

There’s two ways to look at this. Google wants you to think that this is sliced bread (well Android sliced bread since other OSes have the same thing). But generally, this lets anyone create an app so you can create apps that suite your needs and now everyone is a developer without knowing code. Pretty hard to imagine that’s a bad thing.  But a cynic (uhm me) would say that they just opened the marketplace to 100 ‘press here to hear the cat meow’ apps and if you thought that they had a marketplace filled with fecal matter you ain’t seen nothing yet. But it doesn’t matter what I think. What do you think? Sound off and poll off. And just to see if there’s an exact correlation, state your OS as well:

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