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Think I’ll Hit the Follow Button on @HTC

Samsung is a cocky runaway train. I dislike Samsung.

So, they debut their Galaxy S4, the reviews praise the specs and the fancy tricks but note that this “toy,”ram sucks (49) in spite of weighing 16% more than the iPhone 5, “feels as if it can be snapped in half, even more so than the GS3. You better not let this smartphone fall out of your hand or else you will be in trouble” and that it’s only a great phone on-paper – unlike the Nokia Lumias and HTCs, as BGR wrote, echoed by plenty others.

Echoed by others including HTC, notably, whose CEO stated, “It looks a lot like the Galaxy S3. We were pleased to see no innovation in the design itself.” Me too, now that I am very happily armed with my LG Nexus 4.

Ramon wrote about HTC’s trash talking on Thursday, let me follow up Ramon, as they haven’t stopped, tearing up Twitter with blazing tweets and retweets, rallying fans, throwing down, gloves off, against Samsung, railing and railing on them, good stuff:

I am glad Google tapped LG to do the latest Nexus (I was hoping for HTC, but this LG Nexus is superb). The last two Samsungs sucked, coming down from the HTC Nexus One, which I’m glad I held onto whenever I or my wife had a broken Samsung.

You know how many of you go on and on about your Lumias, the craftsmanship, well that’s exactly how I feel about HTC (especially relative to Samsung). I’m actually rooting for Samsung’s Tizen’s initial success as I would love for Samsung to get off my Android lawn and take their stupid skin with them.

Hey Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry, Asus, ZTE, Huawei, why don’t you fire up your twitter accounts and get in the ring, tag teaming with HTC and Apple? A coalition of tweet flame? Samsung forgot (or never learned to begin with) that it takes more than eight cores and finger eyeball sensors to win over every consumer in the world, they’re finally bleeding a bit right now, so go have some dinner together.

Doug Simmons