Hello folks, the wonderful and amazing Mr Smith who happens to own this site has decided it needs updated. So we’ve been working diligently on a new theme and I’m going to be rolling it out in the next few minutes. Once it goes live some tweaking will need done so it won’t look too nice at first. Have patience and I’ll get it up an running the correct way as soon as possible..


  1. The redesign looks great, but I have a quibble.

    I can’t find the line that tells us who authored each post. I know the data is there, because it shows up in my RSS feed… but when I click to open a post I should not have to go back to Google Reader to see who wrote it.

    Can we add that meta-data back into the WordPress post loop?

  2. hmm.. yeah I see the Author is there on the front page but it isn’t there when you go to the actual post… odd, didn’t notice that before.. will look into it

  3. Honestly it’s got me a little worried. At risk of sounding overly critical, it really seems a little “busy” and complicated and squished together and the text is just very tiny in general. Not to mention there’s just not a lot of “borders” around anything and the top of the page is very very plain looking. Maybe it’ll work out, maybe it won’t, but I’m not liking it a whole lot so far, no offense.


      • I don’t know that there was anything wrong with the old site. Just trying to throw some encouragement toward the site owner and writers. Honestly I usually see the site from a mobile phone or an RSS reader (you guy needs full RSS feeds, I’ll visit to comment I promise ;) It doesn’t appear as though the mobile site has been refreshed but maybe they are working on it. The new site has a minimalist clean feel to it and I like it.

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