I am getting a lot of emails asking and ranting about the latest issues with Skyfire for Windows Mobile. If you haven’t done so lately, try to open the Skyfire Mobile Browser on your Windows Mobile Device and you will be greeted with a message that the servers are overloaded and to try back later. Now to be fair, Skyfire did warn us that they will be phasing out version 1.x: “Skyfire 1.X will no longer be supported outside of North America and Western Europe effective July 1st, 2010.” 

Then on November 2nd Skyfire announced that they were going to be releasing their new Mobile Browser app for iOS in a few days. So then what happens? The Skyfire iOS for iPhone goes live and promptly sells out in 5 hours as the demand for the Skyfire Mobile app was way higher than anticipated and brought the Skyfire servers to their knees!

While iPhone device owners can rejoice about finally being able to view Flash Video on their devices, are the rest of us Windows Mobile device owners going to be thrown out in the cold?

No word yet from Skyfire if they will find some additional server resources to throw us Windows Mobile device owners, but we will keep you posted. In the mean time, let your voice be heard and leave us a comment (or two).


  1. Thats what happens when you use a 3rd party proxy to browse the web, once they shutdown you are stuffed. Now WM users are expected to beg for service to be continued? Never used skyfire and now definitely never will.

  2. SkyFAIL. This is a dumb move that users won’t soon forget. When the phones’ built in browsers carry Flash, SkyFAIL will be done. I first downloaded SkyFAIL when managed to get Hulu playing in their browser; that was a huge selling point. Hulu stopped that but I kept using the browser for a bit. Now, I mostly use Opera, but hope to get a Windows Phone 7 soon. SkyFAIL obsolete.

  3. @efjay: It was really a good browser. Early on I used it a ton watching Hulu, that went away not because of Skyfire however.
    @JD: I love the new name Skyfail!

  4. Skyfire was my primary browser this stinks and yes I noticed it right away. Checked this site with Opera and found out why. I knew they would dump us once they had people paying for it.

    Right now I agree SkyFail is a good name. On the other hand if they put on the WP7 marketplace I’ll buy it. It would be cool if they 1/2 priced it.

  5. Internet sucked on my Omnia till I found Skyfail. Now I’m on Opera but it automatically transfers some sites to a mobile ver. which sucks! I actually like seeing my FULL Facebook page from time to time. Also, mobile pron sites suck! Tried uzard but no landscape for video. They need to bring back support for WinMo!

  6. I hope they don’t plan on making a skyFAIL for windows phone 7 becuase I will boo them and not use them for nothing in the near future. Wrong move skyFAIL. gg

  7. for all wm6.5 users out there, i had skyfire on my htc tilt 2 and thought it was pretty good but i started having problems getting it to connect. i could force it to sometimes by entering a search and then constantly hitting the refresh button. after january the first this quit working all together. this was very frustrating since i used it to veiw my bank info. i usualy use my opera 10 but my bank will not let me log on to their site with it because it is not a secure browser. i tried to find another browser that would work but could not. then i came across this. http://www.uzard.com. this will let you view the secure sites such as my bank site. i checked to see if i could view utube videos and did not have any problems! if you are having simular issues and dont want to use the slow ie on your phne try the uzard browser. it works great! hope this helps someone out there. i really like my phone and i dont want to be forced to get a new phone with a newer or different os. give this a try, i promiss you you will not be dissapointed. just as good as skyfire if not better!

  8. Being left out in the cold just plain sucks. You know how “there’s an app for this” and “there’s an app for that”, whether it’s your bank or your favorite radio station? Well, most of the time it’s either iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. Windows users need not apply.

    How can the world’s biggest software company screw up so royally, so consistently?

  9. @Jeff S.: I just installed uzard a day or two ago and it doesn’t seem to work for me. May I ask what kind of phone you have? What’s the native memory of the device and what size additional card do you have?

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