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Skyfire for Windows Mobile discontinued? Rant right here!

I am getting a lot of emails asking and ranting about the latest issues with Skyfire for Windows Mobile. If you haven’t done so lately, try to open the Skyfire Mobile Browser on your Windows Mobile Device and you will be greeted with a message that the servers are overloaded and to try back later. Now to be fair, Skyfire did warn us that they will be phasing out version 1.x: “Skyfire 1.X will no longer be supported outside of North America and Western Europe effective July 1st, 2010.” 

Then on November 2nd Skyfire announced that they were going to be releasing their new Mobile Browser app for iOS in a few days. So then what happens? The Skyfire iOS for iPhone goes live and promptly sells out in 5 hours as the demand for the Skyfire Mobile app was way higher than anticipated and brought the Skyfire servers to their knees!

While iPhone device owners can rejoice about finally being able to view Flash Video on their devices, are the rest of us Windows Mobile device owners going to be thrown out in the cold?

No word yet from Skyfire if they will find some additional server resources to throw us Windows Mobile device owners, but we will keep you posted. In the mean time, let your voice be heard and leave us a comment (or two).